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February 03, 2009


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Oooh, that sounds good.

I know exactly what you mean about the 'edited to death' thing. Of course we want to read a work that is not too 'flabby', but the books that stand out for me are the ones that are full and round and not the ones that seem clinically over-edited and 'perfect'.

(She says going back to her editing... grrrr...)

This sounds interesting the only issue for me is the cover,is it bad I judge a book like that?

Kit - , yes, so many books feel as though they have been written by a committee. Like American sit-coms

Simon - yes, I wondered about the choice of cover too. My husband said, "Urgh, chick lit" when he saw it but the book is not remotely "chit lit" like especially with the negative connotations that come chick lit - this is so much more than that, though it might be more a women's book than a man's. I would be interested to hear what a man thought about it.

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