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September 05, 2014


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Every time I go in my local Oxfam bookshop this drives me crazy. They'll have a book which has survived 100 years in great condition and they go and stick a massive label on the front. It really makes no sense, and I hadn't even thought of the environmental implications.

It must drive all their customers nuts! And there really is not any need for it. It is worse though, as you say, when it is an older book - boarding on criminal damage!

This frustration so rings true for me. Only earlier today I was struggling with the very same thing. But...to remove the sticky residue, I use a soft cloth dabbed with just plain methylated spirit, rather than the more expensive specific sticky stuff remover. Is there a reason I shouldn't be doing this?

PS (Meths only works with laminated covers...don't try it with cloth boards or old paperbacks - it will destroy the stain).

Lovely to see you here Jessica and thanks for your comment - I was going with the sticky stuff remover just because it comes with good health and safety instructions! I know some people use lighter fluid too, but I guess I was just sticking (pun intended!) to the safest route! You're right though - there are are cheaper ways and instructions out there on the net, at folks own risk!

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