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I am a seller of used and collectable books which is something that I love. I have been doing this since 2000. Prior to that I was an English teacher and whole school literacy co-ordinator, and for 8 years I marked the higher level GCSE English Literature paper.

Over-lapping the teaching career and the bookdealing I did an MA specialising in the Eighteenth century novel, specifically the Gothic novel. I still find myself mixing with ghosts and vampires from time to time. My other acdemic interest is reader-response theory (how readers interact with books), not least because when not studying I have worked with real readers all my life one way or another.

Book reviews and affiliate links: most books that I review on here are my own copies, part of my secondhand book stock, or from a library. As to the others: I try to read all books sent to me by publishers or authors. I do not review them all. I reserve the right to publish a bad review although I tend not to review a book at all if I can't say anything good. With smaller publishing firms or new authors I usually give them the choice as to whether to publish an equivocal review or not. I review all books with the same eye regardless of whether they are review copies or I have paid for them. Many links on my blog are affiliate links which mean that I get a few pennies if you click through and buy something. Amazon UK, the Book Depository and Biblio are the main three that I use.


Jane Austen, British films, George Eliot, cooking, Graham Greene, Ian McEwan, Elizabeth Gaskell, reading (literary fiction and golden age whodunnits), local history, Margaret Atwood, David Lodge, young adult fiction, knitting ...