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March 26, 2008


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Ooh, what a good idea! Count me in.

yey, this is exciting. :)

would love to join. :)

enter me, pls.

Can't resist! Please pop my name in the hat.

Count me in! I would love to receive either!

Buy a Friend a Book Week - what a great idea! Great gifts to give because there's always just the perfect one! And a wonderful and lasting suprise to receive - count me in too please!

Super idea - hope it catches on and you get lots more entries.

I love reading, even the back of cereal packets when a book is not handy, so would welcome either book.

Count me in! Either would be lovely.

I like this! Can I play, too?
As above, either or would be OK.

What a neat idea. Surprises are fun!

Thank you to everyone who has entered so far.

To everyone else: there are a few days left to enter, so please feel free to leave a comment and join in.

Hey there! I found you because you asked such a fantastic question on deblog's contest I wanted to find out who this person was. Frankly I am happy I did, mostly because it gives me another chance for free books (being honest!) But also seems like you have a great blog here and I am subscribing no doubt (just in case you ever do another book giveaway!) Have a wonderful day!

That's neat-I love being surprised! I've linked to your giveaway as well, and I certainly plan on exploring your blog soon. :D (I came across it in a search for BAFAB)

Like the idea and must confess that the books I have enjoyed reading most recently have all been chsen by someone else.

Like the idea. Must confess the books I have enjoyed most recently have been chosen by someone else so look forward to a surprise from you!!

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