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April 29, 2008


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I do love Penelope Lively and never miss the chance to hear her speak, very measured, deliberate and gentle delivery and always absorbing. I must seek out this book. And what on EARTH has happened to dear old W.H.Smith's? Always a pargon of minimalist order years ago, I went in this morning and my senses were assaulted by floor to ceiling garish junk which must be their idea of modernising or keeping up with the times, it was all too tragic to bear.

...or a paragon even!

I have tagged you. The details are here...

If you don't like tags, please skip it.

DGR- Yes, the shocking decline of Smiths is almost worth its own post. I remember branches of Smiths with a whole floor of books. Now you fall over cardboard stands of miserable-childhood-lit, sports personality biographies and TV-tie-ins and that's about it. On Lively, I enjoyed your Oleander, Jacaranda review and will look out for a copy.

CB - thank you. Delighted to be tagged.

I see I am going to have to give in to Penelope Lively, I have been resisting her for some time as for some reason I have viewed her as rather barbara pymish, heaven knows why, but she sounds much more than that. Anita Brookner - your description of her writing is spot on. Whenever I read any of her books I want to get hold of the heroines and shout GET A GRIP!

sorry did not mean to shout...

What a great review - loved your description of Anita B's writing (though I've never actually read any...)

The Penelope Lively sounds great (another author I've never read) - I love books set in Somerset, as it's my neck of the woods, and about subtle relationships between ordinary people. And I'm so intrigued by that unwritten ending...

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