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May 12, 2008


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Do so agree with you about the winsome nature of some children's books. The one I loathed most was Marcus Pfister's Rainbow Fish, which grabs its morals into its twinkly fists and jams them forcibly down your throat. Yuck. And to make matters worse, we were given two of them. I remember once sounding off about it to a mother I had only just met who was horribly offended that I was sullying its sweetness. We never did get on after that.

Have you come across Posy Simmon's Matilda? (I suppose to be accurate her illustrations for Hilaire Belloc's Matilda!) We loved that.

Glad it is not just me Jane. I often encounter befuddled looks when I moan about the sentimental gloop on the pre-school literary diet. Belloc is an excellent alternative; definitely sugar-free.

Too true. No sugar in Belloc! "They only called her "Little Liar!" "

They'd never do that nowadays. Now, Matilda would be taken aside and given counselling. And her family would have been sued by the Fire Service.

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