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June 04, 2008


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I'm totally promiscuous. :D My only limit is that I only read one book of a certain genre at a time. Or in non-fiction, on a certain topic. So I usually have 3-6 books going at once! And an audiobook, but I didn't used to include those, since they were all ones I owned and had listened to a hundred times, so I'd skip around to whatever I was in the mood for. I just joined a new library, though, with lots of audiobook download options, so now I'm counting them. Which makes me even more promiscuous, but I love it!

Shockingly promiscuous, I'm afraid. I can often have as many as 10 books on the go.

Definitely a promiscuous gallivanter! I usually have 4 or 5 on the go at once. Generally, though, there's The Novel, which I dedicate myself to most of the time and the others (often short stories and non-fiction) are more 'on the side' for when the mood takes me. (So I'm like the 'Devoted Family Man' who nevertheless keeps a few willing mistresses at his disposal!)

But you've raised a point I've often asked myself: why do we consider reading about a string of grisly murders 'light reading'?! The more one thinks about this, the more peculiar it seems!

Well I am clearly the staid boring one here! I suppose, thinking about it, I do dabble in other books, non-fiction in chunks ie recipe books or a guide book. I might keep a book like that by a chair so if I grab a cuppa during the day I might read one or two entries/recipes etc. I often read a page standing up in front of a bookshelf too, but like food eaten with the fridge door open, that doesn't count. But other than all that I am a one book woman.

Ineresting point you raise Juliet about crime being light fiction. I suppose it is a light read, rather than light fiction. Light in that there is rarely any fancy business with narrative structure or characterization, but the subject is serious, and is usually treated seriously and intelligently. I thought the end of Murder Must Advertise by Sayers was heartbreaking for examle. Shadow of the noose and all that.

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