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June 10, 2008


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Excellent post Catherine, and great to get another point of view. I did start off hissing and spitting with fury initially in my post at the perfidy of parents, but overnight I calmed down and thought about the working class village in which I live, and some of the parents I know, who are petrified of books themselves.

That's why I feel libraries are so vital. They are risk-free (no need to spend any money) environments where you can find out about books. All kudos to you for what you did with your class. They were lucky to have you.

This is a really great post, Catherine - very thought-provoking and very persuasive. I've been mulling it over all day.

A very interesting article, but I must point out that the suggestion is NOT for any kind of removable sticker but for the age guidance to be PERMANENTLY printed on the book. And this without any consultation with many ten publishers I have books with has ever asked me about the matter....

That came out not as I put it on...sorry. I meant to say:
And this without any consultation. Not one of the ten publishers...etc.

The story of the visit to the library with a group of reluctant readers (a situation with which I am very familiar) seems to support the argument for saying no to age-banding. Those are the very youngsters who would never look at a book with a sticker telling the world that it was meant for younger children.

You ask where the teachers are; all those I have spoken to are against the move to put age labels on books. I have retired so I have time to read and comment on blogs, my former colleagues are all too busy teaching.

Thank you all for your comments. I have addressed some of the points you raise in my next (last!) post on the subject. I have a lot of sympathy with the No campaign, but feel that instead of fighting it powerful literary people could use it, with admittedly a bit of tweaking, as a force for good.

What an interesting issue, and post, and something which had completely passed me by. My instinct would have been No Age Banding, but your post has made me reconsider. I certainly think authors should be consulted (who reads their books being, I would have thought, more important than what the illustrations look like?) but...

Well, I spent my formative years moving from Enid Blyton to Goosebumps to Point Horror, and somehow came out all right!

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