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June 06, 2008


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This will be my first post when I'm done with my finals :) Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog ! The big exams begin tomorrow and go on till Thursday.
I loved Atonement myself but thought Enduring Love was disappointing (although the first chapter was indeed promising). I'm a bit odd when it comes to authors I've just discovered : I usually stick to the first book I've read just in case the other ones aren't that good. I've been so disappointed in the past.

Jane and Enid - a wonderful combination!

Thank you Sibylle for not minding being tagged. And Simon, I was just waiting for someone to point that out! I will not deny Miss Blyton however daft I feel, she was a very important first step on the road to English degrees, English teaching and then running my own bookshop, so mock not!

Thank you for doing this tag ... it certainly made me think about the writesr who'd influenced me, who'd been my 'very important first steps' and those who've shown me the way (and still do).

I've just arrived at your blog via Cornflower's and can't believe that I've found someone else who was besotted by Honor Arundle's Emma books. Apart from those, I was also really hooked on books by the wonderfully-named Elfrieda Vipond. Haven't re-read either author yet but frequently return to Ian Serallier and Barbara Willard.

Hello Rosie - welcome to Juxtabook - how lovely to share "Emma" thoughts with someone. one of the great pleasures of blogging! None of my friend read Honor Arundle, and I bought my "Emmas" secndhand but I loved those books! Still do! I loved the situations Emma found herself in and her funny but real relationship with aunt Patsy. It is like Saffy and her mother from Absolutely Fabulous without the over the top comedy or the hard lack of affection.

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