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July 13, 2008


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I go to Juliet Doyle's blog and look at everything she recommends (like your blog). In the category of "More to Life than Books" you might enjoy "Freshvintage." In addition to books, there is also junk to buy and sell. This is the most fun blog that I visit regularly.

Thanks for the mention and I'm glad you enjoy my blog! My blog tip of the week is Freelance Mum ( and also Chartroose's Book Barrage (

Hi Catherine - thanks for the mention! Like you I have a long list of daily visits and it's incredibly hard to single any out (my own sidebar is choc-full of blogs I read several times a week, if not every day).

But if forced to narrow it down, a couple of absolute essentials on my list which aren't on yours include, on bookish and general topics, Petrona and 60GoingOn16, and my two favourite blogs by novelists: Emma Darwin and Martin Edwards

Sorry, the link I gave for 60goinon16 was wrong - it should be

Thanks for the mention! I'd have to go for Fugly Horse of the Day, which exposes the horrors of the American equine world.

I'll have a look at the others that have come up. I don't have many blogs on my sidebar as there are very few I actually want to read every day, but I'm always hopeful of finding some!

I enjoy Deanna Raybourn's writerly blog at and the fabulously funny Smart Bitches at

I am honored and humbled to be included in your must-visit sites. Thank you.

These are three unusual blogs I visit regularly. They are off the beaten track.

Not for books, but for great maps

For non-fiction reviews and intersting insight to being a librarian

For details on the life of a book dealer and for great covers from old pulp paperbacks and other odd things

The traditional book blog I go to that you've not mentioned is Eva's

Thank you for including my blog in your favourites. I also recommend Find me a Bluebird at
for its sheer beauty.

As gauche as it may be, I'd like to recommend my own blog, Bitterly Books ( It's irreverent reviews of offbeat books on UFO conspiracies, government plots, dysfunctional families, and drinking water that will kill you.

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