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July 03, 2008


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I had forgotten all about this lovely book - I have an illustrated copy *somewhere*. Must dig it out and re-read. If I were ever to catalogue my sprawling book collection (which I never will, of course) this would sit on a shelf in the vicinity of Alison Uttley's "A Country Child" and Ronald Blythe's "Word from Wormingford".

Re a Room of One's Own - I touched on this in my blog tonight. I too share an office now, whereas in our previous home I was able to lock myself into a stable at the end of the garden to work. I do so miss being able to "close the door on everyone and to be myself". Which is why I've now resorted to dreaming quite passionately about sheds!

I love Ronald Blythe's writing Juliet but I don't know the Uttley book you mention. I shall have to look out for it.

It's a memoire of growing up in the Derbyshire countryside at the turn of the last century, month by month. It was published by Puffin in the 1960s with illustrations by C F Tunnicliffe and I must have read it dozens of times throughout my childhood and beyond. It too is gentle, beautifully written and quite unforgettable, and I hadn't seen it in bookshops for a while but was pleased to discover that it has been reissued with the original illustrations: . It's based around childhood memories but it's far from being a book just for children. I feel inspired to read it again now!

This sounds like the sort of book I love - I keep the Uttley book beside my bed, along with Lark Rise, and dip in from time to time.

Thanks for the extra details and the link Juliet - another one for my wish list. You would think living in a "bookshop" (the shop might be virtual but the books sure ain't; we have books everywhere over 4 floors, cellar to attic) I would have access to enough, but no, the desirable little blighters are everywhere tempting me to purchase them!

Hello again Geraniam Cat, yes, this is definitely bedside table material. Hope you enjoy.

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