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February 28, 2009


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Nice blog. Thanks for mentioning Alis Hawkins's wonderful TESTAMENT. It's available for next-day delivery on Amazon (like any retailer, they will occasionally sell out, but seldom for more than 24 hours). Both MNW and Pan print (and reprint) all their titles to meet demand, and at levels comparable with other imprints. I'd also take issue with the notion that MNW publicity is 'lighter'! The imprint has a dedicated publicist and our titles regularly receive national review coverage. Thanks.

Thank you for that - good to know it be will continue to be available.

Incidentally I said publicity is lighter (and I meant lighter, I wasn't implying non-existant) on the basis of a quote by MNW's Michael Barnard: "We won't be spending as much on marketing and promotion as on novels that have had big advances; but we believe we can find new ways of promoting and selling these books." read in the Guardian .

Hi Juxtabook - thanks for mentioning Testament - I hope you enjoy it.
I must admit, as an author, I haven't felt that MNW was light on publicity - opportunities have been created for me on radio, in newspapers and in bookshops to publicise Testament. And it was reviewed in the Mail on Sunday.
On this exact subject, Emma Barnes of Snowbooks recently did a guest post at How Publishing Really works, which was very interesting. Here's the link:

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