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February 21, 2009


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You should be able to get the html for the poll from polldaddy, and then paste it into your post - see the quiz on my blog by clicking on 'quiz' in the catergory section.

I can't get your link to work at the moment - it just takes me into my polldaddy account.

Jackie - the survey works for me, sorr y that you haveing problems - you do have to wait ntil the whole page has loaded though. By survey I mean the link in the bar on the left not the rss link in the blog post. I don't use readers so don't understand the rss business. It is techincally a survey rather than a poll which is why I am having problems. I will keep an eye on it and see if others are managing to have a go.

I think it is just taking you there because it is your survey. Have you tried to do it without logging into your polldaddy account?

Odd, it works for me logged in or out. I will have another go tomorrow on a different pc/ip address in case it is picking that up. Thank you for trying Jackie

That works! I have heard of all but one of the sites, but haven't actually bought from many. I tend to read books I find while out scouting for my business. I do buy a lot of second hand books for my business, but that tends to be from obscure foreign sites!

I love a poll.

Especially one on books.

Looking at your survey led me to conclude that I haven't actually bought a used book online for a good while. The last used book I purchased was from a church fair and before that it was Oxfam. If you are interested in alternatives to Amazon and Ebay then you might like

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