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February 04, 2009


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I agree with you!

Children love playing in snow. They're not going to concentrate in school if they're dreaming about being outside. We don't get very much snow in this country, so on the rare occasions when it does happen I think it is important for schools to be closed (and ideally most places of work too!) so that everyone can get outside and have a good time!

Jackie has it right. I teach in one California town and live in the next one over. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hurray for snow days!!!

I absolutely agree. Granted, I work at home, so it's not a struggle for me and my two are older anyway. Schools are absolutely not free childcare, and I heartily disagree with the government's idea of making them that. It seems a guaranteed way of making the disaffected even more disaffected if they can never get away.

I have to say that its been chaos in london and the children have been bored and causing havoc locally, so in that aspect its a bit rubbish. My mum is a teacher and she would never ever want to live near the children she teaches. If it was primary kids she wouldnt be so bothered.

I am glad it is not just me! Thank you all for your comments. The newspapers have carried on getting stuck into schools as the days have gone on. One thing I didn't say is the probelsm caused by keeping the school open - a seconday school with 750 kids and 40 staff. 400-500 kids get in and say 20 staff. Emergency timetable is needed as no complete classes can run. You can't teach them because they are mixed age and ability so it is a bit of football in the sports hall, some films and word games. 5 teachers are allowed to go at lunch because their routes home will be impossible otherwise and they have their own children under 7 that can't be left at all, maybe whose schools or nurseries have closed. Large numbers of kids truant in the afternoon because school is not running properly and they'd rather be out. The afternoon - 15 adults + 400 or more very bored 11-16 year olds = hell.

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