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February 24, 2009


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I have now added this to my pending list on Lovefilm as I have mulled this film over a few times and now you have pushed me to watch it. I am never sure about Paltrow, I dont know why, so I shall let you know.

Like you, I was impressed by this film, by and large - and definitely impressed by Gwyneth. My main problem (more apparent at the cinema than on DVD, actually) was how intrusive the background music was - at times I could barely hear the dialogue. Maybe the cinema I saw it at had difficulties with its speakers...

Simon S - hope you enjoy it!
Simon T - we thought the dodgy sound was becasue we were watching on a laptop but perhaps it is the actual sound. What a basic thing to make a mess of!

Thank you for the review. I am teaching Plath's poetry next term and this feedback is quite valuable.

Welcome to Juxtabook Michelle and thank you for your comment. I glad the review helps.

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