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April 21, 2009


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OH - it looks just lovely to me. I have only had the opportunity to visit London, Bath, and Stratford on the Avon --- but would LOVE the opportunity to see other parts of your country. Some year :)

Just wanted you to know that I received the book in last night's mail. It is just perfect!! I am very anxious to start reading it -- and I plan to always keep the CL Hawley bookmark as a great reminder.

How wonderful! I really do plan on visiting England in the next few years.

Thank you both! They are poor pics of two lovely places. One the first, which actually has the Lake District mountains in the background - so far away you can hardly see - I couldn't get the zoom to work, and the second I was struggling with the light. But Whitby is often shrouded in ghostly mist hence Bram Stoker!

Molly - glad the book arrived safely. Hope you enjoy it.

Show off.

Your photos remind me of a holiday I took a few years ago - a wonderful 10-day walking tour across that narrow bit of England west to east. We started at Morecombe Bay and walked to Saltburn-by-the Sea which is a bit north of Whitby, I believe. I was travelling with my Mum so we did the walk that was slightly easier in terms of climbing, than the famous Wainwright - although I'd love to tackle that some day soon on my own. It was such a wonderful and relaxing holiday. And it's fun to be able to say I walked across an entire country.

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