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May 19, 2009


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I would thoroughly endorse everything Alis has said about MNW. The whole experience has been both rewarding and enjoyable. I would add that Macmillan's interest doesn't end with publication of the second book; the same editor will look at and advise on subsequent novels, and writers remain very much members of the MNW family.

It is no understatement to say that MNW has changed my life. The publication of my novel, Thin Blue Smoke, has set me on a new course. I couldn't be more grateful that this imprint was founded and that its mission to publish new writers continues and thrives. My personal experience with MNW, and its editor, Will Atkins, its publicist, Sophie Portas, could not have been more positive and professional. And the fellowship with many of the other MNW authors is deeply gratifying.

All in all, a profound blessing.

Doug Worgul

To elaborate on MNW's community spirit, I was brought into the circle by Eliza Graham whose introduction to her editor resulted in the publication (next month) of my first novel, Beachcombing. It has been a fabulous journey, every step of the way, from Will Atkins's insightful editorial input, to his meticulous copy-editor who caught inconsistencies others had missed, to my novel's eye-catching cover and professional looking pages, to Sophie's publicity campaign, and ... yes, to the launch party the MNW team is throwing for me at their office in London on June 4th.

Maggie Dana

It's certainly a very supportive group that you join when you become a MNW-er! I've had a fantastic ride since my first novel came out. It's been a lot of fun and has introduced me to some great people.

Thank you very much to Alis for writing such an informative piece, and to everyone else for taking the time to contribute.

Interesting to read about MNW again, now that some time has gone by - thanks Alis and Juxtabook.

I'd like to add that not only is MNW's staff professional and savvy, but Will Atkin's editorial comments (there were 180 of them but who's counting?) made my book far better than the orginal manuscript I submitted. His comments ranged from "Let's cut Chapter One" to "This sentence is confusing." After we finished that round, Mary Chamberlain, copyeditor, then sent 200 comments (Okay, I did count them.) This was far more attention that I expected from any publishing house, big or small.

I wouldn't trade my MNW experience for anything.

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