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June 14, 2009


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I still haven't gotten to An Expert in Murder but now I'm looking forward to the second book as well! I loved the atmosphere of Brat Farrar. It was one of the few books where my stomach was actually turning because of the tension!

I too tend to read crime fiction in waves like this. One seems to lead to another. The Upson looks lovely -- thanks for the recommendation!

I really want to read both of the Nicola Upson books! I think that is something that I am going to have to crack down on getting my hands on them. I need to read the second of the C.J.Sansom books as I have only managed Dissolution so far and I have to read them in order or I get cross with myself hahaha.

I'd buy the Nicola Upson book purely because of the cover. It screams 'I'm a good book!' at me (although I have no idea why).

And I loved Brat Farrar. Having just been reminded of it I NEED to indulge myself again.

I love the Shardlake books too and, like you, I thought Sovreign was better than Revelation. But how nice to get an advance copy of the new Nicola Upson... I'm very envious!

I have the same problem with the Fethering books - at least, with the one I read - but Nicola Upson sounds worth looking for, just my cup of tea, and I have Sovereign on the TBR pile.

I've recently discovered the Shardlake books and love their rich detail and loving depiction of the underbelly of Tudor life. You can almost smell the streets. I also like how the character is quite ugly and un-sexy. Which is going to make it difficult for CJSansom if there's ever an adaptation. 'Could you make Shardlake younger and sexier and lose the hump?'

Thank you everyone for your comments. Having finished the Upson I can say it was a fantastic read. Review soon!

'Could you make Shardlake younger and sexier and lose the hump?' - funny as ever Jane. Rumour had it that they were going to film it with Kenneth Branagh in the main role. With or without hump it will be interesting to see.

I've been reading An Expert in Murder on your very tempting review of it. I had to put it aside to finish a few other books, but now that I'm caught up I'm looking forward to getting back to it. I suspect the new one is in hardcover? I will have to keep myself busy with other books until the paperback comes out...

I picked up Revelation in a supermarket having never previously read anything by Sansom. I loved it and now intend to have a look at other books he's written. This is the first time I've visited your blog so I'm looking through for some ideas of what to read next!

Thanks for your comment Around My Kitchen Table and welcome to Juxtabook - just heard that Radio 4's Bookclub will have C J Sansom discussing the first Shardlake Dissolution in August

Thanks for bringing "The Roar of the Butterflies" to my attention. Without your recommendation I doubt it would have caught my eye in the library. There is a definite Wodehouse-like feeling to the book. It also reminded me of the sort of gentle, silly but endearing drama that often airs on Sunday evenings in the UK, something of which I am also a fan. In my case The Roar of the Butterflies made me smile rather than laugh out loud, one of the funniest sections focusing on the strange language of golf. As someone who is getting rather irritated by the widespread normalisation of the "f" and "c" words by critically lauded authors, it was pleasing to find a book in which the most commonly used expletive is "oh shoot"!

You're right David, it has exactly silly but endearing drama atmosphere that would make perfect Sunday night viewing. The plotting is tight enough to engage those that like things less fluffy. The Joe Sixsmith series, if this is typical, would make an excellent alternative to Midsomer Murders!

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