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July 08, 2009


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Stephen King comes to mind but I think I'll choose my favorite author, Amy Tan instead. I can relate to her being of Asian descent like me, plus I think she would know what to do in a crisis. Of cause, my novel would have her go through all kinds of tragedy and heartache and finally at the end she would find her way to a happier life, just like some of her books but with humor and short burst of insights

I'm also late to BAFAB and doing a giveaway as well - my ends this friday, july 10 - here's the link:

Great question! I love to read about Poe as a character so I would be tempted to write about him but then again it seems a bit too easy and obvious. I think I would have to say Oscar Wilde. It would be such a challenge to capture the fullness of his wit and persona but you could send him on quite an adventure and he would adapt and probably enjoy himself!

tough but good question.
I have always wanted to do some spin on including Rohd Dahl as a character becuase his childrens books are so funny and his own life stories are equally fun and peculiar, it would be interesting to take liberties and expand his personality and life into a novel characer.

I would have Paul Auster as a character. He is renowned for including fictional authors as characters in their own novels, and himself occasionally. I would play him at his own game.

I'd quite like to write one about AA Milne...

I think I will include my favourite author, Anchee Min in my novel because I'm going to write a historical fiction based on the ancient Chinese history.

Shakespeare! I find him absolutely fascinating and love that time period.

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