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July 30, 2009


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I must, must, must read some Tey. I am going to read the Upson books soon and think that will send me over the edge in to getting some. I looked in my local library but couldnt find any.

I am going to now have to keep my eye out for fabulous covers like the second one in your post. Those covers are fabulous, so much nicer than the newer ones, or is that just me?

I'm due for a Brat Farrar re-read as well. Such a brilliant book. I will make time for it this fall. It's a perfect stormy day read!

I'm pretty sure I saw that BBC version of Brat Farrar when I was in England for a year at the age of 11. I can remember my mother telling me I had to read the book first because the TV program was coming up! What a smashing book; that and The Daughter of Time are my favorites of hers.

This is the only Tey book I've read and that was ages ago. I think I'll read The Franchise Affair next (am working on Death on the Nile as I wanted something a little cozy and exotic at the same time), however. Mary Stewart used this theme in her book The Ivy Tree, which I read a year or so ago--hers had a twist at the end. I always think reading about doppelgangers is interesting!

I haven't read this book for ages - thanks for the reminder - will have to find it again and re-read :)

Simon S - I hope you enjoy - there is somethign deliciouslt retro about that Pan cover isn't there?

Kristen - Tey is a perfect comfort read indeed.

Jenny - I love Daughter of Time too, but I haven't read a bad Tey yet.

Danielle - I must look out for The Ivy Tree, thank you

Steve - welcome to Juxtabook and thank you for the comment.

Like you, I enjoyed the tv version of this novel. And the version, at a similar time, of The Franchise Affair.

That takes me back a few decades!I was in love with Brat Farrar when I was about twelve. I enjoyed The Franchise affair too - and wasn't Tey the author of the one about Richard III? I can't remember now what that one was called.

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