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July 25, 2009


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Very interesting. And inspiring, too.

There's an award for you over at my blog :0)

Thank you for your encouraging story. Continued success! Hey, from this side of the fence, you have already won half of the battle! LOL

I know I will never be published and also know I do not have the stamina to sit down and write a book, but I found this article interesting and inspiring. I write a blog and simply love it. I write daily, except if I am ill or away, and find that it is now an essential part of my life. The words flow, I adore that feeling of writing good English (some will argue that I don't as of course I have my own quirks) and trying to be amusing and/or interesting. But most of all, it is the feelign that I am communicating - whether it is read or not, it is enough for me just to write.

I have actually had one article printed, one on Henry James and when I saw my name I practically richoted off the ceiling....

Wonderful blog and very insightful. Am loving the title of 'The Blue Handbag' for a book, sounds 1930's fabulous!

Thank you Kit.

Claudia - thanks you - and yes, it still feels like more than half!

Elaine - never say never...

Simon - ta - and glad you like the title - it was nearly something else!

Thank you, Robyn, for this honest and interesting post. found lots of echoes of my own experiences here (though mine have been on a much smaller scale than yours) - the goal of being published, learning about marketing, loving the praise, and the knowledge that what really counts is the actual writing.

I also identify with Elaine's comment above - I'm new to blogging myself (my 'About Page') explains why I started my blog, 'Writing Matters' and even though my fiction and poetry are simmering on the back boiler for a while, I'm thoroughly enjoying writing my posts,because of the illusion of communication it gives. (Illusion, in my case, as I haven't acquired many readers yet - but that doesn't spoil my pleasure.

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