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July 12, 2009


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You have an interesting mix of books there! I loved Cloud Atlas, but disliked Darkmans so much that I didn't finish it. I'm not a big fan of Ian McEwan, but thought Arthur and George was quite good.

Blind Assassin and Mr Norrel were both OK. I find it interesting that you can love books right across my reading ratings.
Testament is the only book I don't know much about - I can't decide if I want to read it - which of your top ten is it most like?

I share your guilty secret! But let's not feel too guilty. The book has many commendable qualities many of which you name. Also liked Saturday (read in real time one Saturday) and The Blind Assassin. Have had Arthur and George on that tbr pile forever though. Grrr. Happy reading!

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell need not be a guilty secret. That book was a masterpiece of fantasy/alternate history. It would defnitely make my own top 10 of the past 10 years. In fact, it's the first book I would think to include. The others you've listed all interest me to varying degrees. (Although I read and was disappointed by Saturday.)

But what else would I list? Hmmm... Definitely Gilead and The Meaning of Night. Maybe The Blind Assassin, On Chesil Beach, Life of Pi, White Teeth, and The Double by Jose Saramago. Oh, and Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortuate Events are wonderful; the first book deserves a place at least for making me laugh until my stomach hurt. And that's nine already! I'm tempted to fill out the list with The Dark Tower, the last of Stephen King's Dark Tower books, just because the series was such an achievement, even if the last books weren't quite as good as the first four, which were published too early to make the 10 year cutoff.

It's funny; most of the books that came to mind first are books I read since I started blogging. I know I read equally good books before, but I don't have a good record of what they were.

This is a great idea.

My list is posted at my new blog

The reading life at

The reading Life focuses on novels that show the effects of centering a life on reading. I just started it recently.

Rather awed to be in this company... but thank you!
And Jonathan Strange is one of my favourites too...

The only one of these that I've read so far is Jonathan Strange although Testament is on my library list. I have a lot of books to research here! I would have to do some thinking about my top ten because I also read a lot of older books and less modern books.

Jackie _ I don't think Tetstament is like any of them - it reminds me of a cross between A S Byatt's Possession with the historical authenticity of the Shardlake series though it doesn't share its era with either.

Frances and Teresa - glad it's not just me. Teresa - I think you're right blogging helps fix books in your head, as well as being a record.

Thanks for your link Mel - i will investigate.

Alis - you're welcome. It is just a fabulous book

Hi Kristen - it is hard especially if modern books are a fraction of your reading. I guess we both spend a lot of time in the children's section too.

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