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November 07, 2009


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Oh, I loved Poirot. I never possessed a single one of those covers though... my covers were a lot plainer.

Hope you feel better soon, and shake off the bugs :)

Get well soon. I can strongly recommend Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks, by John Curran, for more background on her approach to writing.

Oh I love all those old covers. I used to have all the Pan collection, why I gave them away I do not know.

Aah, those book covers take me back to my introduction to the adult crime/mystery genre when still quite young (I'd devoured all of Enid Blyton and other similar children's authors of the time). I was desperate for something new to read so my father brought out his secret stash of Edgar Wallace and Agatha Christie novels which kept me occupied for quite a while. Happy days :)

Hope you feel better soon.

Hi Catherine - I do hope you're feeling better soon -the autumn is such a drag in so many ways: dark afternoons, too much Christmas too early and the endless bugs. Bah! But Agatha Christie is probably as good a tonic as honey and lemon...
Thanks very much for the link to my blog, by the way, much appreciated.

Ooh I love those covers - much more charm than the dripping gore Pan ones I remember from the 1970s!

Those covers are lovely - Pan also did great James Bond ones too. Agatha Christie sounds a great idea for when you're under the weather. Hope you're feeling better soon.

So sorry you haven't been well! I am looking forward to your thoughts on Sister Morphine, so continue to take care of yourself...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Still soldiering on - third week with sinusitis. Hope to be posting more regularly soon.

Oh now I feel like a right copy cat as I did a post on Agatha Christie last week and had missed this post some how (shame on me) and now feel like a plagurist. Loving those covers I want all of them.

Simon - synchronicity. It is just the way it goes! I enjoyed your Christie post too.

Hello! I love the illustrations used on these books. My guilty pleasure is collecting Agatha Christie books - I stack them in publishing date order from the Crime Club oldies to the 1970s editions - absolutely adore the covers of the older books. Sometimes the illustrations have little to do with the actual story, and more seem to be an excuse to feature a swooning beautiful girl! Hope you are now feeling better.

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