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January 15, 2010


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Interesting..I always associated tattoos with an art form rather than anything literary. And I noticed that you are reading Orhan Pamuk's The Museum of Innocence - do you like it?

Hi Vipula - yes I had until I had the Jane Caplan book in stock. It is a very interesting read. I'm not far enough into the Orphan Pamuk to really comment yet. I am too absorbed in The Visit of the Royal Physician. have you read the Pamuk?

I love literary tattoos and have been thinking of getting one. You should also check out this site:

Thant's a fascinating site Mae. Can't say I would ever get a tattoo myself but hats of to anyone prepared to get four full lines of Longfellow permanently applied to themselves (in the post claled Life is real!). What sort of literary tattoo were you thinking of for yourself?

I agree - some of the tatts just look too full on for me, as much as I love books, but hats off to those who gets them. I've had a quote in mind for awhile but I've seen it on two people already. The fact that I've been uhmming and ahhing probably means I should rethink and wait.

Would you get one?

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