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February 27, 2010


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Thank you so much for the link in your Normblog profile - your kind words are really appreciated. I enjoyed reading yours so much - I hope you found it as much fun to do as I did. I really laughed at your views on ancient megaliths (I hate to say it, but I'm with your OH on them!). Glad we like lots of the same books though.

Hi Catherine - really enjoyed your Normblog profile, though I'm afrid I'm another closet stone circle enthusiast! I don't go as far as wandering the countryside to see them but I enjoy reading about them, particularly as the new archaeological evidence is beginning to reveal some actual facts about what went on, for instance, at Stonehenge.
I totally agree about Pride and Prejudice though!

I have to say that I'm glad that they didn't do tattoo covers of any classics! Those would have been over the top.

And I *love* The Philadelphia Story! :)

Hello Annabel and Alis - thanks for your kind words on the Normblog piece. I am partially joking on the subject of stone circles but only partially! I like to know they're there and they're safe but I don't want to have to visit them!

Kristen - yes, I quite agree about the classics. Nice to know you love The Philadelphia Story too! Its been my favourite film since I was about 14.

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