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July 11, 2010


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I have had a lot of positive experiences with Green Metropolis. I sell on there as well, although I'm probably going to stop soon as I want to clear out all my cheaper stock. I didn't realise that you could do 3 for 2 deals - I may have to pop across and see what I can find!

I have to admit Jackie I have popped a few books onto Green Metropolis myself to see how things go. Very quick and easy to list books on there.

I thought you only sold on Amazon - are you selling on anywhere else now?

I really want to start the Brenda and Effie series but I have SO many other books to get through. Sigh ...

Thanks for this info - I didn't know about Green Metropolis. I think I'll try it out - so many books and not enough space for them all, so some will have to go.

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