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July 27, 2010


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Thanks for this excellent review -- which perhaps I shouldn't have read, as I am halfway through this novel! Though of course you don't give anything away. But what you say, even though I haven't reached the end, seems very apposite. I am enjoying the book very much, anyway, and also your blog which I have only recently discovered.

I really need to get to this series! I have the first in my stacks but wanted to conclude some other series first. I just can't have too many going at once.

Harriet - I was thinking about you as I was musing on using real people in books. it must be very strange to read about you mother - however fictionalised.

Kristen - they are very, very good. But I know what you mean: so many books, so little time.

Fascinating review. I'm just about to indulge in Angel With Two Faces (I loved An Expert In Murder!) . . . so I don't want to start thinking ahead of myself, but this makes me want to set aside all my other reading and concentrate on Upson's Tey.

My copy of this one just arrived a mere two hours ago, and I am VERY excited to read it given how much I enjoyed the other two. Even given the occasional faults, they are, as you say here, invitations to forget everything else for a while and just keep reading. The atmospherics,the whole Josephine Tey angle - love it all. Thanks for the great (and timely for me) post!

Inkslinger - I very much liked Angel with Two Faces but it was a brave decision to move the action away from London after she'd created the thrities theatre scene so beautifully in the first book. I'll be interested to know what you think.

Frances - "invitations to forget everything else for a while " - you're so right. I get so excited when a new Upson is on the horizon.

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