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August 09, 2010


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What a cool place! I don't think I've actually stayed in a place that has had a bunch of books available to read (or I haven't paid attention--I usually bring my own on vacation).

I think my favorite vacation find was Munro's in Victoria, British Columbia. It was a fantastic bookshop and I found The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova there for $6.00 CAD I think. I devoured the book on the plane ride home (it was like an 8 hour plane trip). I want to go back to Victoria just so I can visit Munro's again!

I usually stay in holiday cottages that (thankfully) have a very similar set of bookcases.

My favourite was near Penrith where I found (in the 2nd bedroom) millions(?) of Enid Blyton books.

Oh, heaven!

It took me right back to my childhood and I spent the week devouring them all!

That's amazing - I don't think I've ever stayed anywhere so well stocked. Occasionally I find things I want to read (I discovered Monica Dickens as a child in a holiday let). Here's hoping for some books when we go away in September!

Bowlieb - I always travel with books in case of literary emergency. I've been lucky though and everywhere that I've rented for a holiday bar one has had some books and there's usually one I want to read. I've never been so spoilt for choice though.

Kit and Verity - I don't remember finding kids books in holiday cottages as a child but many of my childhood book discoveries were made in bookshops on holiday. I remember fidning my first Malcolm Saville 'Not Scarlet But Gold' in a little second hand bookshop in Cornwall.

What a fantastic addition to your holiday!

And I'm happy about Bowlieb's comment because I get to visit Munro's for the first time at the end of the month.

Thanks for the info on the books. I have a holiday cottage and leave an assortment of books, but with your inspiration, I will look through the boxes of paperbacks I have and start a better collection of holiday reading. Miss Reed is a favourite of mine too!

I always take books with me. The oddest book experience we had was in a cottage in Dartmoor. There were plenty of books; shelf after shelf after shelf, but they were all untouchable as the cottage owner had attached wooden strips across each shelf so nothing could be taken out. By dint of some determined and lengthy wiggling, I did manage to extract some books - from memory, one was Thackeray's Vanity Fair.

The book experience quite put us off the cottage, and though it was lovely in all other respects, we decided we wouldn't ever go back.

Twice I stayed at a house in Tuscany. On the second stay, about two years after the first, I was combing the bookshelves and came across a Willa Cather novel. Even though I had already read it I took it off the shelf to have a look. I peeked inside the front cover only to discover my name written on the first page!

Also, once at hotel in Florence I came across my first Anita Brookner--now fifteen years 23 Brookners later I am hoping she keeps writing.

Kristen - it is lovely to go away with a good bookshop at the destination even if wwhere you are staying does not supply reading material.

Wendy - thanks for your comment and for visiting Juxtabook. I clicked through to your website and I have to say that the cottage look sstunning. I am sure a revmaped bookcase will make it perfect!

Jane- how absolutely infuriating. I'd have been tempted to but a chisel and have the wood strips off, and I'm not much given to vandal type thoughts usually. It is such a mean spirited thing to do. I am glad you managed to circumvent the owner's evil plans.

Thomas - what a lovely story. I like book reuniting stories. A fellow dealer recently came a cross a book he'd sold twenty years ago. I am looking forward to a revisit from one of mine.

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