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August 17, 2010


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I didn't know that either! I'll be interested to see what the response is on this one.

Hi Verity - yes, I am really hoping someone has seen it and will give us the low down! I have also disocvered there was a 1938 film too but I guess that is not available anywhere. If anyone knows different please say! BTW - I have belatedly added your books and baking blog to my blogroll.

Ooh, thanks! No other replies - maybe one of us should take a chance on it. So expensive though...

..isn't it expensive for what might be a duff exerience1 I am very tempted though. i did ask on twitter and one person said they had enjoyed the series but that it was many years ago, so that doesn't help with the "is it dated" question. Nearly enough of an endorsement to justify a purchase though!

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