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August 11, 2010


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It's tempting, but I think I can resist ... I did click through to check them out though - I do rather like the minimal white.

This was an interesting post. I'm often jealous of the special edition paperbacks I see posted on various websites. I'd never considered them investments, and now know that I probably shouldn't with a few exceptions.

And I didn't make it through Twilight. After a couple hundred pages I basically got it.

But with a white cover..... ;=)

I'm very tempted! I have invested in a few special editions before (am currently selling Hugo Cabret special edition books I bought for £6.99 for £50!) I think there will always be a market for these editions, but I haven't looked up the likely mark-up yet. I'll have to do a bit of research - thanks for the tip!

Annabel - yet the white is quite smart and I like the lack of title on the front. I am not sure I would be tempted just for myself.

James- Ah well Twilight is not for everyone!

Jackie - I confess it had not occurred to me to invest in special edition paperbacks till my accident with the red edged Twilight. Why I don't know. I shold take my head out of the OUP and Faber catalogues from time to time.

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