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October 05, 2010


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Hope you're feeling better soon, but that haul looks so good it should do the trick.

The Sybille Bedford book is lovely - hope you enjoy it, and feel better soon. I've got a miserable-looking son, so I went out yesterday and raided the chemist!

Thank you both for your good wishes. Geranium - the intro in the Penguin Classic version of A Legacy has certainly wetted my appetite.

Thanks for reminding me about the Leeds Library. I've never been in, but I do remember passing it when I was a student in the city. Fortunately I found the excellent university library, the Brotherton, provided me with the books I needed and a great place to study. Nevertheless, its interesting to note that the subscription fee is significantly lower than that for the capital's most famous subscription library. By capital I mean London. I would be wary of starting a debate about which city is the capital of Yorkshire!

Hello David (I'm linking you with our twitter chat this time!), I was a student in Leeds too (PGCE) and the Brotherton is amazing. What galls me though is that apparently Leeds Uni students may use the private (and rather gorgeous) Leeds Library but the Uni doesn't bother to tell anyone. Unbelievable! I discovered this only after I had left. You can't just walk in, you still have to join up but I don't think there is a charge at all.

For paying borrowers I think for a private library it is very reasonable fee-wise. And they're very, very friendly if you want to see round with a view to joining.

You're right about avoiding any debates on capitals of Yorkshire! Heavens, the verbal punch-ups would be horrendous!

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