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November 10, 2010


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I'm glad to see your thoughts on Sophie Hannah. I've had her on my list for ages. Have you read any Ruth Rendell? I've gotten the impression that her books are similar, and I adore Rendell's books (not her Inspector Wexford books, but her others, especially the Barbara Vine ones).

Hi Teresa, yes I've read some Rendell. Like you I prefer her Barbara Vine books ( I love A Dark Adapted Eye and Grasshopper) however Sophie Hannah did not remind me of Rendell (or Vine). If anything Hannah is classier, more Literary. I think she needs to do a reverse Kate Atkinson and move to high brow fiction. Which is not to say I did not really enjoy Hannah's crime books, I did, just that you get strong hints of what else she is capable of.

Unhappily, I am not a fan of the Dragon Tattoo books, though I seem to be the only one in the world not smitten. :)

Didn't know A.A.Milne had written a mystery. I must have missed Simon's post. I know he's a big fan of Milne. THE STRANGER HOUSE by Hill is another title I'm not familiar with. I'll have to take a look.

Love the cover on The Red House.

I did like THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN, yes, but I have to say I really liked the last two books in the Potter series a heck of a lot.

I really enjoyed Point of Rescue too, having met Hannah this summer she was very funny and lively and her new one out soon I believe sounds brilliant.
I totally agree that the third HP is the best - same with the film. It's also the leanest and that's probably something to do with it - but meeting Sirius is the making of Harry.
Looking forward to reading Harbour very much - it's on my wishlist.

Sophie Hannah - yes, a star. And I agree about her literariness, but I don't want her to stop writing these psychological thrillers - I think they're amazing.

Interesting to hear that John Grisham has entered the YA fray. I've always liked his adult books - real page-turners.

And Harry Potter. I love all the Potter books but I think my favourite is number 4, just from the point of view of the world-building at which she excels. Prior to that the books have been very focused on Hogwarts and, suddenly, in The Goblet of Fire, we see the magical world opening out and becoming a real world in which people spend their whole lives, running in parallel with the muggle world. I just loved it.

Glad you enjoyed the AA Milne! I agree that the plot suffers in comparison with the Golden Age detectives that came after it, but it's a fun novel and fairly representative of Milne's insouciant style.

Yvette - yes, I have mixed feelings about The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. I agree the last 2 HP books are exciting and well worked and otherwise admirable. Somehow the Prison of A, seems just more a children's book than maybe Young Adult and as such it works perfectly.

Like you Annabel I like Harry's development after meeting Sirius. And Annabel Harbour is fantastic. Wonderful. I'll get short of superlatives for the review.

Alis - yes number 4! The historical fiction writer's Harry Potter maybe? As you say she gives us so much of the world as it exists in the HP universe and it is so tight and so real. But the book is a bit flabby in other respects maybe?

Hi Simon - I enjoyed it very much and will seek out other Milne for grown-ups. Thank you as ever for the recommendations.

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