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March 18, 2011


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Lovely review - I'll order it from the library tomorrow!

Thanks Jane. I hope you enjoy it.

I loved this one too. It was incredibly dark with all of its madness and abuse, even compared to the first one. I read the third recently and it was lighter, more comparable to the first. I'm glad you're loving this series!

I absolutely adore Flavia and her world, but found myself a little disappointed in the third novel for some reason I've yet to pin down. It could have been a matter of timing, really. I'm looking forward to the reading the next one, though.

I too love Flavia, I've read the 1st one and I have this on my shelf waiting to be read very soon. Great review, I enjoyed reading it.
I also loved your mention of the wonderful Enid Blyton series featuring the '5 find-outers and dog!' They were my favourite books when I was growing up, but not many people seem to mention them so thank you for that!

Yes count me as another Flavia fan. I'm waiting for the third one and do hope he keeps the quality up.

Yes I loved this too - thought it was a little better than number 1, can't wait to get my hands on number 3!

And I LOVED the story of the German airmen who were delighted to have sorties over England so that they could reconnoitre their literary landscapes.

And interesting that you picked out the detail about the tea room and undertakers being connected - I hadn't spotted that, but I suppose it is a strong comment on Bishop Lacey.

I loved both the first book and this one too:) And I can't wait to read the next one. I think the thing I enjoyed the most was Flavia's eccentric family and their dynamic. So funny.

A wonderful review.

This is still my favorite book in the series. (I reviewed the latest A RED HERRING WITHOUT MUSTARD today.) Though all three make for a very special series. Flavia de Luce is tops.

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