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May 09, 2011


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I wish I did still read with 15 year old daughter... however, I did recently give her a copy of one of Katie Fforde's novels. Having had, recently, a rather lofty attitude to reading (NO ONE does THAT any more) she was persuaded by the recent ERIC (Everyone Read In Class) thing to pick up a book. So hurrah for that.

What did you think of the Stieg Larsson?

Nice choices. I too loved the adventure series when I was a kid. Never heard of the Aiken though I've read another of her Austen sequels. I am a great lover of Steig Larsson.

I'm planning on an Austen re-read soon - it's been seven years since I read Emma, Mansfield Park, and Persuasion - each of which I've only read once.

And I adored everything by Enid Blyton! The Adventure Series weren't my absolute favourites, but I would read anything by her from the age of about five to nine.

Our son is 38 now so trying to remember all his favourites is difficult but these are a few of them

The very hungry caterpillar
Anything by Dr. Seuss
Any Mr Men books with Mr. Tickle being a particular favourite
Richard Scarry’s storybook
James and the giant Peach/Charlie and the chocolate factory

Grandson number one
Harry Potter

Grandson number two
Harry Potter

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book is the one book I happily read on repeat to my two year old twin cousins. I am doing a lot of childcare at the moment when I can and this book is an absolute joy.

Loving this meme, I was going to add a six and seven to mine... maybe I should? Ha.

All four of my children (now aged 27 with children of his own, to 17 and doing AS Levels) loved The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. Another favourite was Lucy M Boston's The Children of Green Knowe which had been one of my favourite books too!
Later on, I remember reading the first Harry Potter to all four of them on holiday even the teenagers and number two son who would have been about 8 at the time insisted on keeping the book under his pillow so I couldn't read ahead and find out what happened next before I read it to them!

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