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December 05, 2011


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I wonder whether the comments in the video were unsolicited, or indeed if the people featured are actors working from a script? I recall the flipbook format being discussed in an edition of the Guardian Books Podcast earlier this year. As I remember, there was a mixed reaction from members of the general public who were surveyed, whilst the expert panellists were distinctly negative. No one really knows which formats will win out and which will disappear without trace. I'm sure Sony thought minidiscs were going to be the future of mobile music, and look what happened to them.

Great idea. I want to take more books on holiday but I absolutely do not want an e-reader. This could be the answer!

No no no these are so silly! Have you seen them in the shops! No no thumbs hurt just looking at them. Just stick to what we know I say.

This looks like an interesting concept. At least it's an ACTUAL book, not one of those e-dreadfuls.

I wonder if they'll catch on? Especially here in this country. And what happens when it's an especially wordy book?

Kidos to the publishing house for trying something new.

If it's sells books, great. I'm all for it. But honestly, books are already portable, you can already take them on holiday, and you can still get them in sizes that will fit in your pocket if you stick to genre fiction.

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