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October 16, 2014


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I was at the same event and my only regret was we didn't get time to look around the house, but that's something I will do another time. It's lovely to see it so beautifully restored. Also enjoyed your piece on school libraries - I run one at a little CofE school in Didsbury - lovely kids and staff but we have to muddle through in a corner of the reception area!

Looks great. I love Gaskell and if I still lived in Lancs (instead of France) I'd be there like a shot. Thanks!

Mefinx - It was a good evening wasn't it? We arrived a bit early so we a look around before the talk. Thanks for your comment about the school library post - I've a few but I think you probably mean this one which I'm amazed to find was written 5 years ago. I hope things haven't got any worse and I'll be interest to hear what my daughter's secondary school library is like. School librarians are saints by the way - I commend your work!

Thanks Harriet - if you ever come home it is really worth a visit.

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