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January 12, 2015


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Great to meet you both! I'm not really sure why book fairs don't feature often in the blogosphere. I've always found them fascinating - it's lovely to be surrounded by old and often rare books, even if the cost of them may be out of reach.

Yes, I've always found them fascinating too. Even before I was a bookseller. It is probably how this bookseller was born!

I just discovered your impressive blog -- via Martin Edwards -- and I will be back! All the best from the banks of the Yough.

Nick Jones regularly writes about his visits to book fairs and used book stores all over your country. His blog is Regarding your assumption that book fairs are for the older generation: Nick is definitely under 60; mid 30s, I'd guess. I have written about my visits to book fairs in the US and I know of three other US book bloggers who regularly do so, too. I'm sure there are many other book bloggers of all ages both in the US and UK who visit and write about book fairs. Just do an internet'll find them! :^)

Hello Harper - thank you for your kind comments. I look forward to seeing you here again.

Hi John - Yes, there were some younger folk passing by my stand at York bookfair but they were definitely in the minority. I was just trying to be a bit evangelical for those who might not have thought to go before! I'm not familiar with Nick Jones blog and will look it up - thank you for the recommendation.

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